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Vehicle Crewmanship

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  • The following document may not necessarily reflect the views and doctrine of the UOTC.

Intent Statement and scope:

  • The intent of this guide is to inform players of the different crew members in any vehicle, "crew" defined as those that contribute to the operation of the vehicle.
  • The scope of this guide extends only to their common roles and responsibilities.


Vehicular crewmanship within Arma usually boils down to three or four roles that affect the effectiveness of the vehicle. The Commander is in overall control of the vehicle and often the secondary weapons systems; the gunner(s) is in control of the primary weapons systems; the Driver moves and positions the vehicle under the orders of the commander; and Loaders control tertiary weapons systems, and affect the reload rate of the main gun.


The commander, as the name suggests, is in overall command of the vehicle. From the angle of the hull, the speed and direction of movement, down to the employment of weapon systems, ultimately the commander has the final say. A good commander will allow his crew some measure of trust with regards to their own responsibilities, as micromanaging the driver and gunner down to individual tasks will prove to not only be detrimental to combat effectiveness, but impossible. The Commander is responsible for knowing where the vehicle is, what its capabilities are, what its likely threats are, the locations of higher and friendly units, communication with these units, and to keep the vehicle on task.




The gunner is responsible for the employment of primary weapon systems. He is also responsible for observation for likely enemy threats, and may be tasked by the commander to share the burden of comms if using multiple channels. The gunner, in general, does not engage without a full call for fire from the commander, except in situations where the moments it takes to communicate the target could cost the crew dearly.




The driver is responsible for the positioning and movement









Verbal Commands

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Inter Vehicular Communication

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