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United Operations Training Center

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United Operations Training Center (UOTC) is the central institution of the United Operations Community for training and education in the ArmA tactical shooter series.


Mission Statement

The United Operations Training Center designs, builds and integrates adaptive, standardized and high-quality Training Programs, provides knowledge and educates and trains community members to strengthen the community’s capabilities in its core fields of operation.

Training Office Standard Operation Procedures

Training Center SOPs


Frequently Asked Questions

How can i participate in a UOTC Training Course?

To sign up for a UOTC Training Course or Session you have to be registered and logged into The United Operations forum. Currently upcoming courses can be found under the News and Announcements section

of the forum. Alternatively they can be found on the calendar.

Who can participate in a UOTC Training Course

Anybody who is registered on the United operations forum, and is not temporarily or permanently banned from the community and training services, can participate in a course. however, all training courses except for

the initial Familiarization course have prerequisites you have to full-fill before you can enroll.

Who can teach a UOTC Training Course

Only the certified member's of the UOTC Roster are allowed to conduct official UOTC courses. This is to ensure the standard taught, all official courses will be tagged with (UOTC)

I want to take Course xy but it requires Course ab, can i sigh up anyway?

This is a very course dependent situation, it is best handled by approaching the teaching instructor before the course start time.

I'm wating for a specific course but it does not seem to appear on the training schedule

Use the Class request thread in the UOTC sub forum.

Helpfull Tips

Make sure to have your modset properly updated the day before as a good rule of thumb and to check again for small updates an hour before the course. Please be present in the course specific TS channel 10-15 minutes before course start.


Level 1 Courses

The following courses have no prerequisites:

Familiarization Course

The Familiarization Course is designed to get participants accustomed the United Operations ArmA mil-sim experience. Participants will be familiarized with basic functionality of ACE³, ACRE2 and UO modifications, their basic roles and duties as member of a fire team and the behavioral standards applicable to the UO Primary.

Fire Team Practical 1

This is the first of three practical sessions for basic level communication with Fireteam drills. Practice for: Orders, Movement and Calling/Reacting to Contacts. This is not a lecture or presentation. Participation is required. The duration is 1 hour 30 minutes on the Training Server. After the course participants are encouraged to join the primary (as a Fireteam) and join in a mission

Level 2 Courses

Level 2 courses have prerequisites.

Fire Team Practical 2

Requires: FTP 1
This is the second of three practical sessions for basic level Fireteam drills. Practice for: Sprinting, Bounding, Peeling ... This is not a lecture or presentation. Participation is required.

Radio Telephone Operator Course

Requires: Familiarization
The RTO course will cover what is expected of an RTO, basic radio etiquette and some of most commonly used radio reports.

Land Navigation Course

Requires: Familiarization
The Land Navigation Course covers basic map reading skills, the proper use of basic and precision navigation equipment, as well as navigation techniques and route navigation methods incorporating basic tactical considerations.

Work In Progress Courses

Fire Team Operations Course

The Fire Team Operations course is designed to further familiarize the player with the fire team, its weapons and tactics. At the end of the course the player has been introduced to the fundamentals of what makes an effective fire team.

Fire Team Leadership

One trial run has been made and is pending tweaking. Expected to become available at the end of February.

Drill Session: Squad Assault

Intended to run as an hour long introduction and practice of the squad assault. Expected to become available at the end of February

Instructor Roster

As of: last changes by Azzwort, done in the TO Office

Training Officers

  • azzwort

Senior Instructors

  • Jimbo
  • Zumorc
  • Fox D
  • Haribo
  • Gusy
  • Kail
  • Dezel
  • Pax'Jarome
  • VPope
  • S4dGuyInSn0


  • Greendemon
  • Mixtrate
  • Tripshot
  • Whisper
  • Nathan

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