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UOTC Action Cards

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The action cards provided by UOTC is meant to be used as a quick reference for radio reports, acronyms and more. The cards range from lower up to higher command levels and is provided as material for a course. The cards are concise and brief so the player can print the cards and compile them for easy use when taking a specific slot.

Content usage & creation


Print the PDFs and laminate them. As per creation guideline you might have multiple reports per page side. Use a wipeable boardmarker.
Do not use a black boardmarker; if possible use any color but black.

Content Creation

  • Write in Black
  • Keep as brief as possible
  • Take multiple looks at existing PDFs
  • Leave enough free space for user notes
  • If possible use the entire page or place multiple examples of the reference on the page
  • Leave doublesided (duplex) use of the document to the user
  • Only provide Simplex (onesided) PDFs!

Unit Leaders

Fire Team Leader

Squad Leader

Platoon Leader

Company Leader

Fire Team & Squad Level

Fire Team Member

Combat Lifesaver

Platoon & Company Level

Platoon Sergeant

Platoon Medic


RTO Brevity Sheet


RTO Salta/Sitrep/Locstat/Ace Sheet


RTO CFFS Artillery


RTO CFFS Close Air Support


Fordward Observer

Fordward Observer RTO


Air Service Brevity Sheet


Nine Line Examples Type 1-3 + Type I talk-on & Type 2 Laser


Nine Line Request


Six Line Request - Rotary Wing


MEDEVAC Nine Line Request


Landing Zone and Emergency Extraction Request


Vehicle Crews

Vehicle Commander

Vehicle Gunner

Vehicle Driver

Pilot & Co-Pilot

Aircraft Check-In Brief


Aircraft (Fixed&Rotary) Gunner

Aircraft (Fixed&Rotary) Crew Chief