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UOAF Event Checklist

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Event Start

  1. Bring up dedicated server
  2. Fill Reserved Slots
  3. Introduce Moderator/s
  4. Introduce Event
  5. Introduce Package Leader
  6. Handoff control to Package Leader

Package Leader Briefing

  1. Explain the Plan
  2. Answer Flight Leader questions
  3. Cover datalink
    • Hosting
    • Procession of Command
    • Who to add when in 3D
  4. Run an Instant Action to ensure that your controls and Track-IR are functioning properly
  5. IVC checks in flight order, as per briefing (F1)

Flight Briefing

  1. Players move to Individual flight channels for briefing
  2. Flight leader explains the plan
  3. Answer questions

Pre-Flight Procedures

  1. Players return to Briefing Room
  2. Package Leader or Moderator/s answer any final questions
  3. Take 3 minute break and sort out any issues.

Moderator read SOPs

  1. TeamSpeak will be muted during the flight
  2. Use Shift-T to chat in game if you have technical issues
  3. If you have an issue close BMS and IVC. Get your issues sorted out, reconnect, verify that your issues are sorted and rejoin. Use Instant action to check flight controls.
  4. We are only allowing one reconnect attempt per event. So make sure you verify everything works if you need to reconnect.
  5. Landings at airbases follow the overhead break.
  6. After you land and exit BMS or if you get knocked out, jump down into an open channel to chat with others.
  7. We will commit as Taxi
    1. If you have previously flown Ramp, safely commit while paused and switch to Taxi and cancel back to 2D
  8. Recon a target in 2D to pre-load your cache and speed your load-in time

Commit to 3D

  1. Save the Campaign
  2. Commit the server to 3D
  3. Doubleclick your flight and your seat and save your data cartridge
  4. Commit taxi in flight order, as per briefing (F1)
  5. Mute Teamspeak