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The United Operations community is run by several offices, each with a specific area of responsibility. Offices are run by Officers who are voted in by the community and Delegates which are appointed by officers within each Office. The current offices of UO consist of the Game Service Office, the Mission Making Office, the Web Service Office, the United Operations Training Center, and the Public Relations Office.

Game Service Office

Main article: Game Service Office

These Officers are tasked with ensuring the healthy operation of the game servers, including remote access and administration, as well as maintenance and expansion scouting.These Officers are tasked with ensuring that players have an effective and simple means by which to update their games and play here at United Operations.

Mission Making Office

Main article: Mission Making Office

The Mission Making Office organizes the mission list, tests missions, removes broken missions, and informs mission makers on how to create and add new missions to the server. The goal of the Mission Making Office is to constantly improve the quality of missions played on the server by regulating the missions on the server and educating mission makers.

Web Service Office

Main article: Web Service Office

These Officers are tasked with ensuring the website and related services are operational.

United Operations Training Center

United Operations Training Center (UOTC) is the central institution of the United Operations Community for training and education in the ArmA tactical shooter series.

Public Relations Office

The Public Relations Office organizes & oversees events, media, internal relations, and external relations.

United Operations Air Forces Office

These officers are tasked with ensuring the operation of flight simulations within UnitedOperations. Tasks including Community integration, training, event organization, and management.