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Mission Submission SOP

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Mission Submission SOP

General Requirements

Missions must contain a coherent schema of play
1-1 including a clearly defined briefing (as below).
1-2 including logical objectives to the scenario.
1-3 including the means to complete included objectives.
1-4 including reasonable end conditions.

Briefing Requirements

Missions must contain clear and concise briefings
2-1 defining the time, date, weather, and vision conditions.
2-1a including any known illumination or vision impairments present
2-1b optionally including duration until first light and or last light
2-2 defining friendly forces including their size, assets, disposition, and known objectives
2-2a including assigned callsigns and communication channels
2-3 defining known enemy forces including their size, assets, disposition, and their objectives
2-4 defining starting locations for known player groups.
2-5 defining all known locations of forces, friendly, enemy and neutral.
2-6 defining a unique notes tab for mission information
2-6a including end conditions
2-6b including enforced mission settings
2-6c including game mastering and technical notes
2-6d including mission author name

Testing Requirements

Mission submissions must be tested on the United Operations test servers;
3-1 submissions must be free of script and locality errors.
3-2 submissions must perform reasonably on both client and server.
3-3 submissions must adhere to mission naming requirement
3-4 submissions must be free of debug code and must not have the debug console enabled

Other Requirements

4-1 Missions must only contain addons as per the list of addons supported by United Operations.
4-2 Missions may contain an intro, however it must be toggled to off by default.
4-3 Missions may contain music, but it must be added via CfgMusic, or be from limited 3D source(s).
4-4 Missions containing significant Team versus Team (TVT) content must:
4-4a - Contain objective-based gameplay.
4-4b - Contain ACRE radio channel scrambling if it is appropriate and feasible.
4-4c - Contain ACRE babel support if it is appropriate and feasible.
4-4d - Contain a description on the slotting screen with the ratio and any other slotting information.
4-5 Meeting Engagement TVT missions will be added on an at-will basis after review by the Mission Making Office.
4-6 Missions utilizing Zeus will be added on an at-will basis after review by the Mission Making Office.
4-7 Missions utilizing externally-sourced seeder frameworks or missions will be added on an at-will basis after review by the Mission Making Office.
4-8 Missions that contain unconventional scenarios can have any of the above requirements waived at the discretion of a MMO.
4-9 Missions deemed detrimental by the Mission Making Office may be removed by a MMO at will.

Naming Requirements

"Mission Display Name" refers to the name shown on the mission server list. The website entry shall mirror this.
"Mission File Name" refers to the actual .pbo file name
Website entry
Server list
Mission Display Names and Mission File Names must be formatted as below, where ## is the number of playable slots in the mission.
Mission File Names must only contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), periods, and underscores.
Mission versions must start at version one for the initial submission.
Mission versions must be incremented for future updates.
Missions containing Headless Client or Zeus Functionality should be postfixed with HC (headless client support) and/or ZEUS just before the version if its required for the mission to function.
Mission Display Names are not subject to these character restrictions, within reason, i.e. spaces instead of underscores, as below:
Mission Display Names and Mission File Names may differ but must be easily identifiable as the same mission.
Mission Display Names must be substantially different from extant missions on the United Operations mission list.
Mission Display Name Mission File Name Description
CO## Name v1 CO##_Name_v1.island.pbo CO is defined as a mission where Players are against AI.

A CO mission can contain players on the AI side, but only if they are in a non combat role like being a hostage

CO## Name HC v1 CO##_Name_HC_v1.island.pbo
CO## Name HC ZEUS v1 CO##_Name_HC_ZEUS_v1.island.pbo
Team versus Team
TVT## Name v1 TVT##_Name_v1.island.pbo TVT is defined as a mission where players are against players.

A TVT mission can contain AI, but only if they are in a non combat role like being a hostage

TVT## Name HC v1 TVT##_Name_HC_v1.island.pbo
TVT## Name HC ZEUS v1 TVT##_Name_HC_ZEUS_v1.island.pbo
Team vs AI augmented by players
COTVT## Name v1 COTVT##_Name_v1.island.pbo COTVT is defined as a mission where players are against AI that are assisted by players
COTVT## Name HC v1 COTVT##_Name_HC_v1.island.pbo
COTVT## Name HC ZEUS v1 COTVT##_Name_HC_ZEUS_v1.island.pbo
Joke Missions
LOL## Name v1 LOL##_Name_v1.island.pbo LOL is defined as any mission that does not fit within the other categories.
LOL## Name HC v1 LOL##_Name_HC_v1.island.pbo
LOL## Name HC ZEUS v1 LOL##_Name_HC_ZEUS_v1.island.pbo
UOTC Training Missions
UOTC Name v1 UOTC_Name_v1.island.pbo UOTC is defined as any mission build for the United Operations Training Center.
UOTC Name HC v1 UOTC_Name_HC_v1.island.pbo
UOTC Name HC ZEUS v1 UOTC_Name_HC_ZEUS_v1.island.pbo

Approved Landmasses

The following landmasses are valid for mission creation and submission on the UnitedOperations Servers at this time.;
  • Altis
  • Stratis
  • Aliabad Region
  • Chernarus (Summer)
  • Chernarus (Autumn)
  • Chernarus (Winter)
  • Desert
  • Fata
  • Podagorsk
  • Proving Grounds
  • Schwemlitz
  • Schwemlitz Winter
  • Shapur
  • Takistan
  • Thirsk
  • Thirsk Winter
  • Utes
  • Zargabad
  • Porto
  • Virtual Reality
  • Suomi Finland
  • Kunduz Afghanistan
  • Diyala Iraq
  • Tanoa
  • Malden 2035
  • Karia
  • Rosche
  • CUP Sahrani
  • Kidal
  • Ruha
  • Prei Khmaoch Luong

Mission Removal

Missions found to be significantly malfunctioning must be removed by the Mission Making Office at the earliest reasonable time.

UOTC Missions

UOTC Missions are exempt from all mission SOPs except naming requirements.

Binarize the Scenario File

There is no requirements to binarize the Scenario File.
We suggest that you binarize the Scenario File as it will decrease the filesize, ensure display name is correct. (theres a Arma bug, where sometimes the display name is not used, and arma will display the filename as the display name. binarize will fix this.)
Guide: De-Binarize the Scenario File