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Mission Submission Process

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This page contains relevant processes and documentation regarding Submitting, Removal, and Review of missions submitted for play on the ARMA3 Primary Server.

Submitting a Mission

Once a mission is complete and ready to be submitted, the mission maker must ensure that the Mission Requirements are fulfilled, as per the Mission Submission Requirements. Please double- and triple-check your missions for all requirements.

To begin, upload the mission to \FINAL via the FTP server. Next, create an entry in the New/Updated category of the Mission List. This is done by pressing the Add Mission button, filling out the form completely, and pressing the Save button at the bottom of the page. Please note: The Description of Mission field should contain a brief summary of the mission, primarily who you are playing, what kind of mission it is (e.g. attack, defense), and a Changelog of any major changes. It is recommended you next Follow the mission on the Mission List, as you will be informed of any staff (or public) comments, and keeping you better informed. 

Once those steps are completed, your mission's entry should be located in the New/Updated category, where it will be processed, most likely within a day, and at most two to three days. If the entry is error free, it will be moved to the Live Missions category. If it is rejected, it will be moved to the Rejected category, with a comment left to notify you of what must be corrected.

Please note: If this is your firstmission submission in ARMA3, there is a mandatory mission review. This is a one-time occurrence to ensure that first-time mission makers submit functional missions. When you submit your first mission a delegate will move it to the review section of the mission list where you can monitor its progress through review.

Removing a Mission

Missions are typically removed when the mission is reported as broken and is removed after a restart by a mission uploader delegate.

To report a mission as broken, go to the mission's entry on the list, press Report as Broken, and type out what is malfunctioning with the mission, including as much detail, error logs, etc. as you can, as this allows the Mission Making Office staff to better evaluate the broken mission report. A broken mission report will create a thread in the Broken Missions subforum, and it will be processed by a staff member as soon as possible, again, likely within a day, but possibly up to three days or a week.

Review Process

Main article: Mission Review

If your mission is scheduled for review, it will be moved to the MMO Review category. This is only likely to happen for first-time mission makers or mission makers with repeat issues. From there it will be added to the review queue as it progresses through review. Do not submit new missions if you currently have a mission in mission review. The only exception to this is if you are a new mission maker you may submit both of your first missions simultaneously.

As above, if you expect to be reviewed for your first-time submissions, please do not re-upload revised versions while the mission is being reviewed, as it will just result in a longer review time for everyone. Once a mission has been placed in the review category, check the mission queue for the review status. Upon a review being completed, contact the reviewer for additional details if necessary, and especially contact them once you have a revised version. Once a review is recommended for upload, place the latest version in the FINAL directory on the FTP and it will be uploaded as soon as is able.

Users who have severe, repeated issues with live missions may have their next mission(s) reviewed. Mission Making Officers are able to add and remove users from this moderation at will and by a case by case basis. Users under moderation will be required to have at least every V1 submission of a mission reviewed.