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How to: Request an event

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Step 1) Read the Public Relations Office SOPs, these will inform you of what is considered "custom content", and the rules that regulate Events.

Step 2) Ask yourself, Do I want my Event to happen within the next 30 days?

  • If yes, confirm that the following things are completed:
    • Ensure any and all missions that you want to be played for the event are complete & have been tested.
    • Any required custom content has already been added, or is complete and prepared to be added to the modpack. Any Custom maps or anything required to actually play the mission(s) need to be completed.
    • Anything required for the event or missions to function is completed/added or prepared to be added. This is a vague catch-all statement, if you need something to play the event or the event mission you need that to be done.

  • If the answer is no:
    • Your event will be no earlier than 2 months from the submission date--there is no avoiding it.

Step 3) Fill out the following form:

Submitter’s Name:
Reg Sponsor (if non-reg submitter):
GM Sponsor:
Event Name:
Sign-up Event? Y/N
Sign-up form: (post the sign-up form you intend to use for the event here. Sign-up form is subject to review.)
Mission(s) required for the Event: (The name or names of missions that will be played in the event, list ALL)
Is this mission complete? Y/N (by answering yes to this question you are signifying that the mission for the event is in the state that it will be in on event day)
Custom content? Y/N
If yes list custom content required here: (List of any custom mods required for this event and where to get them)
Event description: (the description that will be on the front page post for this event)
Banner: (The banner that will be displayed on the front page post for this event)

After completing the form, post it in the Public Relations Officer Request forums.

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