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United Operations Standard Operating Procedures

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The Standard Operating Procedures are the rules and guidelines for using official services provided by United Operations. Breaches of the Standard Operating Procedures can result in punishments ranging from verbal warnings to total, permanent, bans from the community. It is a requirement for all members of the United Operations community to read and understand these rules before using any service provided by United Operations; ignorance of the Standard Operating Procedures is not a valid defence in the event of a breach.

You can find links to specific services' SOPs at the end of this article.

Community SOPs

General Provided Services SOPs

(Covers all Services Provided by UO: Teamspeak, Forums, GameServers, etc.)

United Operations is an open gaming community and with its growth we have seen the influx of outside Communities, Clans, and Gaming Personalities join us. On the game servers, on TS and on the Forums these Users are welcomed and encouraged to show their pride and wear their Tags, however, with the influx of outside presences some users have openly and disrespectfully mocked these users and communities by changing their names to impersonate or imply that they are members of groups falsely. Because of this disruptive and disrespectful behavior the following SOP is being enacted:


Any user caught impersonating or claiming to be an User or Personality that is not their own;
Any user caught impersonating or claiming to be in a Clan/Community/Group they are of;
Any user caught wearing the tags (or variation of said tags) of a Clan/Community/Username they are not a member of;
Users will warned and if not corrected then banned from services for a period of no less than 1 day.
Any user caught doing the above during any event shall be banned from all services for a period of no less than 2 Days.


General Rules

1 - Officers have overriding power to create, delete, and edit channels, in addition to issuing and revoking bans.
2 - Do not share/distribute copyrighted works with the teamspeak file system.
3 - Regulars may move, kick, and or ban misbehaving users for a period up to 2 hours when an officer is not present or is unable to assist.
4 - No User may record audio in any channel other than dedicated Game Channels.

Game Channels

1 - When games are in progress avoid unnecessary communication
2 - When games are in setup/briefing, hold your questions until it is your turn
2.1 - Order of communication for ArmA Series - (Highest Leadership to Lowest Leadership; ex. CO > PL > SL > TL )
2.2 - The Mission Commander will present a plan to the leaders directly beneath their roles.
2.3 - Secondary Leadership will brief by group from highest to lowest. (ex. 1st Company > 1Coy 1PL > 1Coy 2PL > and 2nd Company > 2Coy 1PL > etc)
3 - Keep all non game related communication to a minimum.

Office Channels

1 - Officers will maintain a set of channels for use by themselves and their Delegates as appropriate.
2 - Office Channels will maintain a list of all active Officers per department along with Delegates of the Office.

Personal Channels

1 - Registered Members may receive one Personal Channel by way of the Store Page.
2 - Channel Owners are required to list their name in the channel name and or topic for identification.
3 - Channel Owners are free to manage their channel within community SOP and Charter guides.
4 - Channel Owners may have one private subchannel within their channel.

Flavor Icons

1 - Flavor Icons are any Teamspeak Icon used for expression, interest, group affiliation, and or military affiliation.
2 - Regulars may have up to one Flavor Icon (Existing or New) at any time.
3 - Registered Members may receive Flavor Icons by way of the Store Page, not to exceed 1 at any time.

Service SOPs