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ArmA 3 Server Changelog

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ACRE Update Changelog

  • ACRE
    • AN/PRC-77 Manpack Radio added
    • Removed click from buttons on the 117 and 152
    • Fixed pink noise volume scaling with radio selected volume
    • Added lower headset toggle keybind
    • Fixed a compiler issue of plugin-per-compile compatibility
    • Optimizations for PFH regarding transmission reception on 148/117/152. This should greatly reduce the FPS drop when rx
    • Fixed ACRE volume settings not loading or being saved in some circumstances
  • Omnibus
    • Fixed an issue where AGM would cause JVON not to auto-start
    • Fixed an issue where spaces and/or quotes would cause server config loading issues
    • Fixed a bug where jvon server_win32 would cap connections to 16 sometimes



    • UPDATED - ToadBall's CH47 + units. ACRE compatability for placed units.
    • UPDATED - Jozh's AK12, AK47.
    • ADDED - Jozh's AUG and RPK.
    • ADDED - ARES Zeus Expansion for additional Zeus modules.
    • ADDED - RHS RU + US.
    • ADDED - AllinArmATerrainpack



  • Server migrated to Ramdisk
  • Test servers migrated to Ramdisk
  • Additonal back-end changes.


    • UPDATED - Toadball's units/weapons
    • ADDED - J0zh's AK47 & AK12