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Air-to-ground radar

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F16 is equipped with a AN/APG-68 Radar System giving it both air to air and air to ground capabilities. Within the aircraft systems the AN/APG-68 is referred to as the Fire Control Radar (FCR)

Learning objectives

  1. Know the differents ground radar modes (GM - GMT - SEA etc)
  2. Understand what is the Doppler Beam Sharpening (DBS) and it's differences with the Expanded Field of View (FOV)
  3. Understand the difference between STP and SP modes
  4. Understand the concept of the SPI and the Cursor Zero command (CZ)
  5. Know the symbology of the FCR page and the associated cues in the HUD
  6. Know the usefull functions of the HOTAS about the FCR (pinky switch, TMS Up, TMS Down etc)