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Learning objectives

  1. Become familiar with common BMS acronyms


KTO: Korean Theater Of Operation
TGP: Targeting Pod
AGM: Air-to-Ground Missile
DPRK: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
MANPAD: Man-portable Air Defense System
AAA: Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AGL: Above Ground Level
Nm: Nautical Miles
HADB: High-Altitude Dive-Bomb
CCIP: Constantly Computed Impact Point
CCRP: Constantly Computed Release Point
WEZ: Weapons Envelope Zone
SAM: Surface-to-Air Missile
CAT: Category
TOS: Time On Station
FCR: Fire Control Radar
(A)FAC: (Airborne) Forward Air Controller
AA: Anti-Air
SHORAD: Short-Range Air Defense
AAA: Anti-Aircraft Artillery
NOE: Nap Of The Earth
AO: Area of Operations
SE: Snake-Eyes
BDA: Bomb Damage Assessment
LANTIRN: Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night