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ACRE 2 Logo
ACRE 2 or Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 is the latest iteration of the ACRE radio modification series, that links ArmA 3 and Teamspeak 3 to create a more immersive simulation environment that includes positional audio, real radio communications by implementing the actual functionality, capabilities and limitations of the radios simulated.

Default ACRE 2 Controls

These are the default key controls used by ACRE 2. They can be customized under Controls -> Configure Addons -> ACRE 2.

  • Radio Push to Talk: Capslock
  • Alternate Push to Talk 1: Shift + Capslock
  • Alternate Push to Talk 2: Ctrl + Capslock
  • Alternate Push to Talk 3: Alt + Capslock
  • Open/Close Radio UI: Alt + Ctrl + Capslock
  • Cycle active Radio: Alt + Shift + Capslock
  • Cycle Babel Language: Left Windows Key
  • Set active Radio Left Ear: Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow Key
  • Set active Radio Right Ear: Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow Key
  • Set active Radio Both Ears: Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow Key


ACRE 2 simulates a variety of radiotelephones. Currently these include:

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