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United Operations Air Force

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Uoaf office.jpg

The key services the Air Force Office (AFO) will offer to the community are as follows:

  1. Manage UOAF servers for community use.
  2. Promote and moderate flight simulation events.
  3. Organize fight simulation participation.
  4. Manage training material on the UO wiki.

The AFO will accomplish its objectives through two delegate groups:

  1. The Event Fragging Team, who will create, promote and coordinate events and pickup flights. These teams will be split by geographic location.
  2. The Instructor Pilots, who will develop and host training sessions to improve the quality of our members.

Oversight, direction, guidance, and responsibility will fall on the AFO officers: Gusy, DarkFib3r. Responsibilities will include ensuring continuity of weekly flight simulation events, assisting with mission fragging and training, as required, and ensuring the wiki is maintained. AFO officers will also ensure participant conduct is in compliance with the UO Charter and relevant Community SOPs.

The AFO will also have a governance group, known as the Fellowship of the Wing, which will continue to provide guidance for the future of the UOAF. Furthermore, new roster members will be ultimately approved by this group. This group includes the AFO officers, Krause, and Force_Majeure.

The backbone of UOAF is its roster members. These players represent the core values of UOAF and act as role models for new players. They are expected to be flight commander capable, possess a high degree of competence in flight simulation, and maintain a good reputation and behavior.

Event fragging teams

UOAF Frag teams.png

The Event Fragging Teams will create, promote and coordinate flight simulation events and pickups at United Operations. Fragging team members must be UOAF roster members. The two teams are split by geographic location.

Frag Team NORAD - North American Fragging Team

Gusy DarkFib3r Brainling

Frag Team Eurocorps - European Fragging Team

Lexi Nebosja Neuro Domestos

Frag Team members responsibilities:

  1. Event Management
   Management and Moderation of Weekly Pickup Flights and Official Events.
   Frag weekly missions for events for a contiguous, long-running campaign.
   Document and Post events to the Forums.
  1. Communicate any server issues to AFO and GSO.

AFO officers will be responsible for pinning the event posts, creating RSVP event calendar, and adding a front page article of the event as required.

Training team

Uoaf training.png

Welcome to the training section of UOAF. The philosophy of UOAF training is to share realistic and practical knowledge in a casual environment. This knowledge will make you a better pilot and will improve your experience and fun at UOAF events.

Much of the information used in these training courses are also found in the wiki. Furthermore, this training does not try to replace the already excellent training and information found in the BMS manuals. It is strongly suggested that you complete the BMS training as it is extremely well done.

Lead Instructor Pilot: Skosh Lead Instructor Pilot role: the Lead Instructor Pilot (IP) is a UOAF roster member who is responsible for defining and developing the training courses at UOAF. The Lead IP will support additional IPs in developing and providing training to United Operations members and guests. The Lead IP is also expected to audit other instructors and provide feedback and develop best practices for teaching.

Instructor Pilots:

  • Skosh
  • Nebojsa
  • Ghostdog

How to get training

Training can be received either through a direct request with an IP or through a scheduled training session. Demand training session topics will be defined by the student(s) and IP(s) in advance. It is strongly suggested that you have your controls set up properly and that you can do the basics, such as taking off and landing.