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< /b> 1.0 Gameplay SOPs

1.1 The chain of command will be respected and enforced at all times. Leadership consists of a Package Commander, a Flight Leader, and an Element Leader.

1.2 Under no circumstance will pilots be able to edit their load outs, it is lead's (#1) or element lead's (#3)'s decision to do so and theirs only.

1.3 Under no circumstance will pilots except Lead(#1) or the Package Commander change steer points in the 2D planner.

1.4 Under no circumstance will pilots edit or move ground troops without notifying or consulting a second party of their action.

1.5 Comms integrity will be maintained at all times and without exception.

1.6 Discipline will be maintained in the air and without exception.

1.7 Wingmen will follow their leads' orders and aircraft at all times and will respond to all directives appropriately. Failure to do so will result in a kick or ban from the community. Countermanding orders will lead to decisive disciplinary action.

1.8 Flights will function within their assigned roles and flight plans as part of the package at all times and without exception.

2.0 UOAF Event SOPs

2.1 UOAF events are open to all members of the UO community who consider themselves ready. UOAF’s most frequent event type is for BMS, though occasionally DCS events are organized.

2.2 Members of the UO community that wish to attend a UOAF event must RSVP on the event’s calendar post.

2.3 RSVP priority will be as follows; Roster members, UO Regulars, UO Donors, Old Guest, New Guest.

2.4 Players will show up on time with all hardware and installations ready to go.

2.5 Players will indicate unforeseen tardiness or absence in the event thread on the forum.

2.6 New Players flying their first Event will be required to have flown on a pickup flight with a player that has flown past events. This SOP can be overridden at Event Moderator's discretion.

2.7 All players will follow the directions of the Event Moderator/s.

3.0 UOAF Pickup SOPs

3.1 Players are welcome to create and run pickup flights outside of main events.

3.2 Players can join or create a pickup flight by asking in discord, teamspeak, or the forums.

3.3 Players are expected to follow flight standards laid out in 1.0 Gameplay SOPs.

4.0 UOAF Roster SOPs

4.1 Roster members are expected to be flight commander capable, possess a high degree of competence in flight simulation, and maintain a good reputation and behavior.

4.2 Roster members are governed by the Fellowship of the Wing, current and former leaders of the UOAF.

4.3 Roster members are expected to take flight leader and element leader positions during flights.

4.4 Roster members are to discuss changes and report player behavior using discord UOAF-Private channel.