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To start off you will need to download the SRS client from the above link, then once downloaded and unzipped you will simply run the .exe and follow the installers built in steps.


Run this .exe, and once installed go to where you installed SRS and pin or create desktop shortcuts (BUT DON'T MOVE) the SR-Client Radio and SR-Server .exe's somewhere where you can easily access them.

SRS Client

Once opened you will be greeted by this client:

  1. -Main Pages
  2. -Currently selected microphone
  3. -Currently selected speaker and boost levels
  4. -Server selection
  5. -In game radio overlays
  6. -Connection Status

Controls Setup

First you should set up your SRS controls


There are quite a few controls in here but here is what you need:

  • Radio 1 - Tends to be your package comms
  • Radio 2 - Tends to be your interflight
  • Radio 3 - For Interflight in the A10
- For GM's you will want to add controls for additional radios to increase the amount of people you can talk to.
- Which radio is used for interflight and Package/Tower comms is aircraft dependent.
- To add a shift state or another button that you need to push to activate that radio you put that button (ctrl,shift,alt for example) into the "Radio # Modifier.


In order to save the SRS servers you connect to you need to add them to your Favorites list:


To add simply type in a name, then the server IP, then a password if that server has one, then finally click the + button to save.
Additionally, in the above picture I've included some common SRS servers you may want to add.


The settings page is where you will set up how SRS sounds and works

  • Auto Connect Prompt
    • What this option does is it prompts you and asks if you want to auto connect, personal taste. Can leave on or off, when on SRS will connect
      automatically to a new SRS server if the server is running SRS on the same IP . You must also have your SRS running when you join to autoconnect as well.
  • Auto Connect Mismatch Prompt
    • Similar to above but SRS will prompt you with a popup if Auto Connect fails.if left on
  • Radio Rx Effects
    • Additional effects, audio quality will degrade with range, and based off of what type of radio your using.
  • Radio Tx Effects
    • Additional effects, audio quality will degrade the lower you go, and high hills will block radio signals
  • Radio Encryption Effects
    • Additional effects that simulates radio encryption, varies by jet on how to turn this on.
  • Radio Switch works as Push To Talk (PTT)
    • Recommended for the A10 but in game if you have bound your radio keys to your joystick SRS will see that and will automatically use those as a
      push to talk instead of your control settings, very useful if your willing to go in and set it up in DCS.
  • Radio # Audio Channel
    • With this setting you can adjust which ear the radio will play in, options are: Left|Right|Both ... completely personal preference

The rest of the options are personal taste that are quite self explanatory.

Radio Overlay

In game you can toggle a radio overlay to check that A) your radios are on and working B) to see which radio you are currently using.



  • In the above example is an A-10C. Radio one is the top VHF AM radio, radio two is the center UHF radio, radio three is the bottom VHF FM radio.
    Each radio's name is displayed at the top left, frequency in the center, and volume is the slider at the bottom.
  • The very bottom slider adjust the windows opacity