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Fighting Tanks And Armoured Fighting Vehicles As Infantryman

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There are many times that you have to fight tanks and other armoured vehicles in Arma 3. This guide is not about teaching players how to deploy X-anti-tank weapon but about some basic considerations regarding on how to fight armoured threats.

How to deploy your Anti-Tank (AT) Weapon or AT-Team

1. Don't stay in the open, find hard cover for yourself and your buddy!

2. The ammunition of most of the AT-launchers produce a flame that comes out of the rear end of the launcher tube when it's been fired, this is called backblast.Avoid the usage of AT-launchers inside buildings or in front of walls, you may kill or hurt yourself and others with the backblast of your AT-launcher! Walls and big objects may reflect the backblast of your AT-launcher!

3. Always check the backblast area! Shout: "CLEAR BACKBLAST!" to alarm the people around you, shout "ROCKET, ROCKET, ROCKET!" before you fire your weapon as a last warning to stay away from the backblast zone.

4. Ask your buddy for help if you need a range on the target, use laser rangefinders or other means of range measurement if possible!

5. Don't try to hunt enemy tanks, find a good firing position and try to ambush them!

Types of AT-weapons

There are several types of AT-weapons available for infantryman in Arma:

1. lightweigt, one-time-use disposable AT-launchers like the M72 LAW, M136 (AT-4), RPG-26

2. reloadable, unguided AT-launchers like the RPG-7, M3 Carl Gustav, SMAW

3. reloadable, guided AT-launcher like the FGM-148 Javelin

4. reloadable, guided and non-guided Crew-Served-Weapons like the SPG-9, Metis, TOW, Kornet

Each AT-weapon has its own characteristics based on its ammunition, guiding system or attachments like scopes. You should learn how to use the AT-weapons mentioned above, starting with the lighweigt disposable weapons as these are the most common AT-weapons used on squad and fireteam level.

Destroying the armoured threat

1. Don't try to fight any armoured vehicle from the front, the armour on most vehicles is thickest on the front!

2. Try to get a sideshot on the enemy vehicle, it's even better to land a shot on the rear side of any armoured target, you either destroy the vehicle or disable its engine and immobilize it.

3. Get familiar with common AT-weapons and know their capabilities. Learn to measure distances with scopes (e.g. RPG-7).

4. Find the right AT-weapon for your target, an M72 LAW is not an appropriate weapon to fight the modern Russian T-90 Main Battle Tank.

5. Wait for the target to stop its movement, hitting a moving target is much more difficult and shooting your launcher can easily reveal your position.